Open Your Own Coach Training Academy Program (OYOA)

Program overview:

At the end of the Open Your Own Academy program you will have a company in which you will be able to train and certify others as coaches. You will also be able to apply to the ICF on behalf of your coach training programs (we show you how.)

Included in your tuition:

binderlayingopen•Personal guidance with building your company from the ground up- no business experience necessary

•Life coach training curriculum that comes accredited and ready to teach (ADD YOUR BUSINESS INFORMATION AND MODIFY AS YOU CHOOSE)

•A fully functioning and easily accessible online resource bank for your students to access

•Over 200 PLR coaching related materials that you would own the rights to, including tests, assessments, charts, graphs, articles and how to guides

•Coach training certification in the area you choose (you can choose to be a certified life coach trainer, Christian coach trainer or relationship coach trainer)

Program duration:

Whether you take the self study or live tele-class version the program is approximately 12 weeks in length.

Classes are pre-recorded and available for download to your computer, iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, Smartphone or MP3 player.

Program prerequisites:

Working knowledge of the English language and a passion for the coaching business. No business experience, coaching certifications or accrediting required.

Graduation requirements:

•Completion of an open book final exam.

•Account to be paid off (a good payment history if on a payment plan will allow for graduation even if account is not paid off)

Upon graduation you will receive:

•Your coach training company IICS accrediting logos

•Your coach training materials license

•Your coach trainer certification (plus certification in one other area of your choosing. Example: Certified Christian Coach Trainer or Certified Addictions Coach Trainer etc.)

•Access to a fully stocked online resource center for your students

Additional materials for your students:

•Over 95 articles on goal attainment and success

•How to Christian coach and 13 Bible lessons

•The most common questions new students will ask you

•How to market as a coach

•How to conduct coaching sessions

•How to set goals

•How to change self worth

•How and when to use NLP with clients

•Quick Start Coaching Tool Box- get started as a coach in under 30 days

•How to Become a Coach manual

•Self development and improvement

•The Most Effective Way to Motivate resource

Also included:

•Become an expert at public speaking

•Considering becoming a life coach?

•Phobia of speech

•Personal power

•Problem solving corrective action

•Living the dream

•Be a story teller not just a speaker

•Should I offer free coaching sessions?

•Living life to the full

•Coaching for success

•Coaching strategies lawyers use

•Coaching creativity from artists

•Life coaching information and advice

•Life coaching for those in debt

•Life coaching is not giving advice

•Life coaching on the importance of happiness

•Earn money- help those by life coaching

•Positive mind equals successful life

•Making life easier with NLP chunking

•The facts of setting goals

•Setting your goals

•Setting for more

•How to achieve any goal NOW

•Focus on your home business goals

•What am I going to do for the rest of my life?

•What do you really really really want?

•The synergy of vision

•Motivating students to learn

•Motivate your motivation

•Motivation: the first step to success

•Motivational effect on mental and physical health

•Motivation by facing a challenge

•Motivation is consistency in action

•Motivational sayings- ten great ones

Additional materials for you:

•Over 10 different methods for generating income with your materials

•How to get started within 60 days- from the ground up

•Password protected eBook creator to protect your work

•Audio software to record your lessons for your students

•Completed and ready to present seminar materials

As soon as you register you may begin building your coach training organization-even if on a payment plan.

Course topics include:

•Naming your business

•How to accept payment from students

•What your website needs to have to attract students

•Creating powerful presentations

•How to run a self study program

•How to run a seminar

•How to train others using tele-classes

•Pricing your materials and training

•All about the ICF and what they require for approval

•How to conduct training

•How to certify others

•How to create and modify the materials to include your business name and information

•How to combine your passion with coaching to create a niche school (example: Coaching as a Christian program or Addictions coach training)

•Operating your business for almost zero start up

How this program works:

There are two parts to this program.

The first part involves listening in on an actual coach training program to see how students are trained. You can also download the audios of this if unable to attend the tel-classes.

Part 1 is where you familiarize yourself with the coaching materials.

Part 2 of this program is where you learn how to open your own coach training company. We start at the very beginning of this process, showing you all the different ways you can train and certify students (self study, conference call, in person seminars, weekly workshops, or your students can be trained through the program dates/ times we offer as well with our ” Become a Certified Coach program”. This is at no cost to you and is an option, not a requirement.)

Full material list:

When you register (you can register today at the bottom of this page) almost immediately receive access to the following materials:


Where do you Start

Open your own academy program general information

The Trainers Manual

Trainer Forms (to use with your students)


(Note: You also have access to an online data bank that your students can access for helpful forms. More details on this when you register. There is no additional cost for this.)

  • Personal Development Tools:
  • Personal-Development tools part 1
  • Personal development tools part 2
  • Personal Motivation Tools
  • Personal Stress Identification Tools
  • Personal Wealth Building Tools
  • Personal Weight Loss Coaching Tools.


  • Understanding coaching curriculum options
  • Understanding the ICF approval options for your company
  • Attaining personal ICF Accrediting module
  • How to open in under 30 days
  • Your program outline a sample
  • How to create and organize your program
  • How to create resources a step by step guide
  • Organizing your curriculum
  • Creating your own curriculum
  • Using our (now your)curriculum
  • Additional Materials you can use in your curriculum or on your website mp3
  • Bible
  • Success ecourses
  • Full list of PLR articles
  • Sales copy
  • 11 success principles for opening your own academy
  • Lessons to use with your students
  • Lessons to use as they are
  • Understanding the Core Competencies
  • Secrets of successful coaches
  • Naming your business


  • Proven sales copy for your website
  • Resource Center for your Students
  • Gain access to your student resource center
  • How to choose a website company
  • Start a blog
  • Free conference lines
  • Toll-free telephone line
  • Logo Creation software
  • PDF Creator
  • Ebook cover Creator
  • Email Autoresponder Software
  • Add Audio to you web site
  • Website graphics package
  • Paypal logo
  • How to create you own coaching products course
  • Personal Development Tools
  • Additional Bonus class for students
  • New Coach Toolbox
  • How to build your coaching practice
  • More then 10 marketing resources
  • Marketing Module From CANA’s Become a Coach Program
Increasing Your Web Presence
  • network marketing, The next generation guide
  • Article Submission Information
  • Guerilla Marketing Manual
60 Marketing Ideas For Coaches
Plant a Seed and Watch Your Business Grow
Work Your Network
3 Places to Find New Clients
Strategies For Moms
  • The Hidden Power of Networking
The Art of Giving Business Cards
  • Strategies For Successful Business Marketing
Success Tip: Create Your Own Network Team
Profiting From Online Social Networking
Business Networking Locally
Articles: Increased Sales or Marketing
  • How to Open your Academy in 30 Days
  • Secrets to Owning a Successful Coach Training CompanyItems and Information Your Company Website Should Have Listed
  • Create a Seminar
  • Estimated Income and Expenses List For Academy Owners
  • What Every Student Should Have Access To
  • Putting on a Seminar: PDF version PowerPoint version

RESOURCES FOR YOUR COACHING STUDENTS (Choose any -or all- that would help your students: relationship, Christian, weight loss, life coaching etc.)

  • Christian resources
  • 25 Topics that all couples should discuss prior to marriage
  • 5 questions couples need to ask themselves prior to making a commitment
  • 5 questions to incite motivation
  • avenues for marketing or increased sales
  • creating a blog – step by step directions
  • how to become a coach
  • how to increase your overall productivity
  • Increasing your clients happiness a quick reference guide
  • Increasing your web presence
  • Coach’s Success Checklist
  • Six items every successful coach has
  • SR Increase your happiness
  • 1000Atkins Diet Recipes
  • 101 Happy Relationship tips
  • 36 Foods to help lose weight
  • 7 keys to success
  • 97 ways to a happier relationship
  • Maximum influence The 12 universal laws
  • Balance your life
  • Divorce how to rebuild your life
  • Drug addiction
  • Eliminate stess and anxiety
  • Golden keys of life
  • Healthy dating and relationships book and reseller
  • How to live on 24 hours a day
  • How to stay young
  • Improve your confidence
  • Increasing self esteem in girls
  • Laws of attraction
  • Master prayer to God
  • Millionaire Marketing Mind
  • NLP in business and live
  • Overcoming Addictions
  • Overcoming Depression
  • Parenting, Hypnosis, Athlete info
  • Unleash Creativity
  • Positive Thinking and motivations guide
  • Quotes
  • Self Improvement Tips
  • The Golden Key of Success
  • The truth Behind Hypnosis
  • Train your brain
  • Ultimate recipe collection
  • Understanding your marriage
  • Weight loss
  • Winning the weigh battle
  • Creativity Article Bundle
Goal Setting Article Bundle
Mentoring Article Bundle
Self Improvement Article Bundle
Self Development Article Bundle
Success Mindset Article Bundle
Success Coaching Article Bundle Live tele-class students only.
2100 PLR Article Pack. Live tele-class students only.
Napoleon Hill eBooks Live tele-class students only.
  • How Coaches Offend Clients Resource Live tele-class students only.
  • Bible lessons
  • Christian PLR resources Part 1
  • Christian Organizational Articles
  • Bible Base Bundle
  • Marketing your business online
  • Calendar pack
  • Family finance pack

What other students and graduates have had to say about the program:

“As a Human Resources professional who has coached, been coached and hired coaches for fortune 500 companies I wanted to let you know what an outstanding program you have developed. I’ve participated in other coaching programs in the past and this is top notch…No matter what I need – you already have it on the site. I don’t believe I will ever run out of resources! Thank you for putting a program in place that makes the process easy for just about anyone.”

Coach Colette Brooks

“I want to personally thank you for creating the, “Open Your Own Academy” Program:-) I don’t even know where to begin, there’s so much that I like about the program. All the materials and support that you get from the program by far outweighs the cost of the program tremendously. I appreciate the entire layout. The step by step process is so easy to follow. The best part is that you cover ALL areas of becoming a Life Coach to open up your own practice AND becoming a Coach Trainer to open up your own Academy… I am so grateful for all of your support. You are always available when needed at any given moment by phone, email, etc. and always replied back within minutes. Your materials have blessed my life and I know that my clients and students will be successful because you are a great mentor that has trained me from the beginning and being your student has equipped me for success. God is using you in a mighty way!”

Tishawn Seaton, Become a Coach Trainer/ Open Your Own Academy program.

What people have said about the coaching training materials that you will be teaching your students with:

“The coaching program is great!!! By the end of the program I felt as though I was able to offer the best services that I can offer to my clients, as I felt like I had obtained a wealth of knowledge and experience, which is vital to my success!! Also, the self-implementation of each module exercise has literally transformed my mind and my life! I am so very grateful that I found this program!”

Professional Coach Bridget Washington

“The program was great; material was at our fingertips at anytime. The website was updated constantly. I still use the material and I still refer to your website. I have used the ‘Life Skill Coaching’ skills on my staff…I would recommend that anyone that is a manager of a facility to take a ‘Life Skill Coaching’ program;”

Dawn Lyons

“My training at Coach Training Academy was in depth, uplifting, and inspiring. This class has enabled me to move forward with my goal of opening my own coaching practice. My instructor was very involved in helping our class to reach our goals. I appreciate her instruction.”

Maurine Jones

100% Hassle-Free Satisfaction Guaranteed Student protection Clause

If you are not 100% satisfied and (totally in love) with your program you can easily, and without a reason, at anytime during your life, choose TWO of the following options (AT NO ADDITIONAL COST of course):

- Take your program again. And again, and again if you like. (Heck, even if you love your program you can still take it again- we don’t mind!)

- If on a home study you can upgraded to a live program at no additional cost.

-You can choose another program! No matter the cost! (Yes, we will happily switch you to another program at no additional cost.)

- You may just want to receive an additional program (and still take the first program of your choice) (Health Recovery Coach, Master Relationship Coach, NLP Coach, MCC Program) at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

- Or you are able to choose 2 additional certificates (on top of their program certificates):
- success coach certification
- goal attainment coach certification

If none of those options appeal to you, you can always (ALWAYS) cancel your remaining payments.

Yep, you read that right! We will just cancel the remaining payments.


Right now we have a special and you can get started for a deposit of $147.00 and $147.00 a month.

You can start today, as soon as you make your first payment and be up and registering your own students in 30 days.

Pay off your account ANYTIME with no penalties.

The tuition costs are as follows and includes materials licence, all your instruction materials and your training- THERE ARE NO OTHER FEES- THIS INCLUDES EVERYTHING!:

Home study special: $2647.00 SALE: $2147.00 THIS FEE WILL RISE IN SEPTEMBER.

Live tele-class version: $3247.00 SALE: $2899.00

There is no difference between the live version and the recorded class version except no ICF hours can be given for the home study version. Not earning ICF hours does not affect trainer certifications or program accrediting at all.


14 Payments of $147.00



Home study payment options (the larger the monthly payment, the larger the discount):
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